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————  Konruns Song  ————

Our Life Science Cares Your Health, as Konruns’ song, is an important voice recognizing the CI system which reflects the concept and connotations of Konruns’ corporate culture. This song has become a vocal “business card” for Konruns to represent its culture and to enhance the first impressions of customer communication and image presentation.

At the end of 2010, Our Life Science Cares Your Health, Konruns’ song, was composed by all members of Konruns. When a draft had been created, a famous lyricist was asked to modify two words in the lyrics. In terms of melody, the passionate marches are used to match the lyrics and music and form a unique short, strong, and powerful melody and rhythm unique to this era.

The chorus arrangement and orchestration of the song was completed with the aid of Yu Jianfang, the chief conductor of the PLA Military Band (previously a Chinese commander in the Hong Kong Handover Ceremony between China and Britain). Yu Jianfang is the first Chinese person who has directed the Chinese national anthem in Hong Kong. The song is played by the PLA Military Band and sung by the Song and Dance Ensemble of the General Political Department of the PLA.

The whole song sounds heroic, passionate, atmospheric, and magnificent and reflects the spiritual essence of Konruns employees’ pursuit of excellence and striving for progress.

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