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————  Corporate Culture System  ————


The complete culture system of Konruns consists of three parts: belief culture (including core mission and core values); corporate strategy; and implementation culture. The “Konruns’ culture system” can be interpreted as follows:

1. Unique: Many words such as unity, dedication, competence, and efficiency have unique meanings in Konruns that are clear in both expression and concept, are not easily confused with each other, and can be easily understood. Although there is no reference to “Konruns” in the culture system, it is clearly understood that these words are all associated with Konruns.

2. Practice-oriented culture system: The culture system is not a new idea. It is the motto that has been insisted on since the establishment of Konruns and represents the cultural awareness of Konruns that originates from practice, is used in practice, and is gradually perfected in practice.

3. Complete culture system: Belief culture, corporate strategy, and executive culture have a clear logical relationship and a complete structure. These three concepts are integrated, closely correlated with each other, and all of them are necessary parts of the system.


It is Konruns members who establish its culture and environment.

Konruns members are the ones who benefit from Konruns’ culture and environment.

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